Martha Jared1

b. 10 April 1794, d. 10 April 1832
Martha Jared|b. 10 Apr 1794\nd. 10 Apr 1832|p10681.htm|Captain William Jared|b. 3 Jun 1758\nd. 22 Sep 1827|p10678.htm|Elizabeth Raulston|b. 6 Jan 1770\nd. 18 Jun 1835|p10679.htm|John Jared|b. 25 Jun 1737|p10734.htm|Hannah Whitacre|b. 21 Sep 1739\nd. 8 Nov 1765|p10735.htm|Matthew Raulston|b. c 1742\nd. 29 Dec 1800|p10975.htm|Martha "Polly" Moore|b. c 1744\nd. c 1806|p10976.htm|

Great-grandaunt of William Lemuel Horn Jr.
3rd great-grandaunt of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Horn and Allied Families
     Martha "Patsy" Jared was born on 10 April 1794 in Bedford County, Virginia.1 She was the daughter of Captain William Jared and Elizabeth Raulston.1 She married Lawrence Byrne, son of William Byrne and Rhoda England, on 12 June 1821 in Jackson County, Tennessee, now Putnam County.2Click to view image She died on 10 April 1832 in Jackson County, Tennessee.2

Children of Martha Jared and Lawrence Byrne

  • Alexander Byrne3 b. 15 Apr 1822
  • William Jared Byrne3 b. 5 May 1823
  • Clinton Byrne3 b. 28 Jul 1824
  • Terrell Byrne3 b. 8 Apr 1826
  • Samuel Byrne3 b. 13 Feb 1828
  • Mary Ann Byrne3 b. 13 Jan 1830


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