Saphronia Jared1

b. 25 May 1834, d. 1 August 1839
Saphronia Jared|b. 25 May 1834\nd. 1 Aug 1839|p10715.htm|Samuel Raulston Jared|b. 3 Aug 1807\nd. 12 May 1883|p10685.htm|Mary Safroni Scruggs|d. 30 Dec 1877|p10711.htm|Captain William Jared|b. 3 Jun 1758\nd. 22 Sep 1827|p10678.htm|Elizabeth Raulston|b. 6 Jan 1770\nd. 18 Jun 1835|p10679.htm|Archibald Scruggs|||Sarah (—?—)|||

1st cousin 2 times removed of William Lemuel Horn Jr.
1st cousin 4 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Horn and Allied Families
     Saphronia Jared was born on 25 May 1834.1 She was the daughter of Samuel Raulston Jared and Mary Safroni Scruggs.1 She burned to death on 1 August 1839 at age 5.1


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