Mary Catherine Underwood

b. circa 1843
Mary Catherine Underwood|b. c 1843|p140.htm|Ammon Underwood|b. 13 Feb 1810\nd. 17 Nov 1887|p72.htm|Rachel Jane Carson|b. 4 Feb 1820\nd. 14 Feb 1896|p73.htm|Asa Underwood|b. 30 Aug 1754\nd. 3 Oct 1834|p135.htm|Mercy Durant|b. 1770\nd. 10 Oct 1850|p136.htm|William C. Carson|b. 9 Jan 1790\nd. a 8 Dec 1830|p76.htm|Catherine J. Patterson|b. c 1795\nd. 1 Jul 1875|p77.htm|

Aunt of Louise Underwood.
Great-grandaunt of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Underwood and Allied Families
     Mary Catherine Underwood was born circa 1843 in the Underwood home, Columbia, Brazoria County, Republic of Texas. She was the daughter of Ammon Underwood and Rachel Jane Carson (later Columbia, Texas, now East Columbia). She died an infant.