Elizabeth (—?—) (Marshall-Westray)1

8th great-grandmother of William Lemuel Horn Jr.
10th great-grandmother of Laura Jane Munson.
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Horn and Allied Families
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Pedigree for William Lemuel Horn II
     Elizabeth married first NN Marshall in England.1 She married second William Westray in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.1
     Elizabeth Marshall Westray is said by some to have been Elizabeth Susannah Scowne, daughter of Humphrey Scowne, but the writer has found no supporting evidence. On 16 September 1636, Humphrey Scowne patented 100 acres in Warrosquyoake County (original name of Isle of Wight County) on the south side of Nanzamund River, being between the land of Joseph Sammond and John Geary.2 On the same day, and in the same county, he patented 200 acres lying between the land of Mr. Richard Bennett and the land of Francis Hoope.

Additional Data
Ambrose Bennett, Arthur Smith and Richard Sharp bind themselves to pay Elizabeth Westwray, widow, the sum of 40,000 lbs. tbco. on demand. The conditions being that the aforesaid men at all times bind themselves to defend her for the possessing of Ambrose Bennet with the estate of his dec. father and putting in the hands of Wm. Westwray deceased husband of said Elizabeth. 11 Apl., 1665 Teste, Jos. Bridger, Jno. Marshall. Whereas John Marshall and Wm. Andrews became surety for Wm. Westwray on condition of his being guardian for Ambrose Bennett, said Marshall and Andrews having no security said above sureties for Eliz. Westwray also agree to save from any damages. 6 June, 1665. Teste, George Smyth, Thomas Parnell.3

Elizabeth Westwray, widow of Wm. Westwray, deeds all real and personal estate to John Marshall and Humphrey Marshall, his son, *** to evidence to my said children, John and Humphrey Marshall, 8 May, 1666. Teste, Thos. Holloway, Peter Garland.4

Children of Elizabeth (—?—) (Marshall-Westray) and NN Marshall


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