William Jaquith1

b. 1 May 1718, d. May 1718
William Jaquith|b. 1 May 1718\nd. May 1718|p452.htm|Abraham Jaquith|b. 17 Feb 1673\nd. 18 Dec 1753|p438.htm|Sarah Jones|b. 1681\nd. 18 Feb 1771|p439.htm|Abraham Jaquith|b. 19 Dec 1644\nd. 14 Feb 1679|p436.htm|Mary Adford||p437.htm|||||||

1st cousin 5 times removed of Louise Underwood.
1st cousin 7 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Underwood and Allied Families
     William Jaquith was born on 1 May 1718 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Abraham Jaquith and Sarah Jones.1 He died in May 1718 in Woburn.2


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