Captain Joseph Pickens1

b. 1 February 1736/37, d. 17 June 1781
Captain Joseph Pickens|b. 1 Feb 1736/37\nd. 17 Jun 1781|p6282.htm|Captain Andrew Pickens|b. c 1699\nd. 1756|p6278.htm|Anne Davis|b. c 1700\nd. bt 1760 - 1763|p6279.htm|William Pickens|b. c 1670\nd. c 1735|p6289.htm|Margaret (—?—) (Pickens)||p6290.htm|||||||

3rd great-granduncle of William Lemuel Horn Jr.
5th great-granduncle of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Horn and Allied Families
     Captain Joseph Pickens was born on 1 February 1736/37 in Paxton, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.1 He was the son of Captain Andrew Pickens and Anne Davis.1 He married Eleanor Pickens on 1 September 1760 in Anson County, North Carolina.1 He died at the siege of Fort Ninety-Six on 17 June 1781 in Ninety-six District, South Carolina, at age 44.1
Additional Data
Joseph Pickens was mentioned in his father Andrew Pickens's will dated 5 November 1756 in Anson County, North Carolina.2,3 Click to view image

In 1762 Mecklenburg County was constituted from Anson County, and the Pickens plantation fell into the former.4


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