John Pickens "the Tory"1

b. between 1740 and 1745, d. 1789
John Pickens "the Tory"|b. bt 1740 - 1745\nd. 1789|p6304.htm|Robert Pickens|b. c 1697\nd. c 1787|p6291.htm|Miriam (—?—) (Pickens)|b. bt 1700 - 1710|p6292.htm|William Pickens|b. c 1670\nd. c 1735|p6289.htm|Margaret (—?—) (Pickens)||p6290.htm|||||||

3rd great-granduncle of William Lemuel Horn Jr.
5th great-granduncle of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Horn and Allied Families
     John Pickens "the Tory" was born between 1740 and 1745 in South Carolina.1 He was the son of Robert Pickens and Miriam (—?—) (Pickens).1 He died in 1789 in Mississippi.1
     John Pickens was a Tory sympathizer during the Revolution and was apparently disowned by his family. It is said he went to Mississippi where he married an Indian and raised a family.1


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