Cumberland was formed in 1754 from Bladen. It was named in honor of William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, third son of King George II. Cumberland was the commander of the English Army at the Battle of Culloden, in which the Scotch Highlanders were defeated in 1746. Many of them came to America, and their principal settlement was in Cumberland County. Cumberland was changed to Fayette County in early 1784, but the act was repealed at the next General Assembly, which met in November, 1784. It is in the southeastern section of the State and is bounded by Sampson, Bladen, Robeson, Hoke, Harnett and Johnston counties. The present land area is 652.72 square miles and its 2000 population was 302,963. The county seat was first called Cumberland Court House. In 1762 Campbellton was established at Cross Creek with provisions for the public buildings. In 1778 Cross Creek and Campbellton were joined and the courthouse was ordered to be erected in that part of the town known as Cross Creek. In 1783 Campbellton was changed to Fayetteville in honor of Lafayette. Fayetteville is the county seat.