"When William Penn was planning the settlement of Pennsylvania, he promised Welsh Quakers land in the new colony and sold them 40,000 acres. This was known as the "Welsh Tract" and included present townships of Haverford, Merion, Radnor and part of Goshen. Among the purchasers was a Richard Davies who bought 5,000 acres and in turn sold them to "Friends of Radnorshire in Wales." These Friends settled what eventually became known as Radnor Township."

     "The first settlement began around 1682, and the Welsh Quakers presumably met for worship in private homes until the construction of the Meeting House. The exact year of construction is unknown, but it dates as early as 1693... The present Meeting House was erected in 1718."

     The Radnor Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is located in the town of Radnor, and is an active Meeting.