Munson Cemetery, 4 July 2003
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     Munson Cemetery is located on the north side of State Highway 35 between Angleton and West Columbia. There is a parking area in front where the historical markers are located. Because of the widening of the highway in 2006, the Brit Bailey and Brit Bailey Plantation historical markers have recently been moved here from their original location about two miles west on the south side of Highway 35. Brit Bailey is not buried in the Munson Cemetery.

Marker Text

     MUNSON CEMETERY. In 1850, Mordello Stephen Munson (born in Liberty County in 1825)— son of Henry William Munson (born 1793), a member of Austin's colony — set aside this burial tract for his family and friends. It was at Ridgely Plantation, on Bailey's Prairie. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark — 1966

     JAMES BRITON "BRIT" BAILEY (1779-1833) Pioneer Texan noted for his courage, integrity, and eccentric behavior. Came to Texas in 1818 with wife and six children. He settled on what came to be "Bailey's Prairie". Joined Stephen F. Austin's colony, 1824. Bailey became a captain in the local militia. Fought in battles preceding 1836 Texas Revolution. At his request he was buried standing up, facing west, gun at side so no one could look down on him, even in death. Recorded - 1970

     "BRIT" BAILEY PLANTATION. Established in 1818 as an individual claim by James Briton Bailey, a member later of Austin's colony. Born 1779, Bailey was tall, fearless, of Irish stock. At his request, he was buried (1833) standing up, facing west, gun at side. His restless ghost is said to walk this prairie. (1968)