Peach Point (Gulf Prairie) Cemetery, 4 July 2003
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     Peach Point (Gulf Prairie) Cemetery is located off State Highway 36 on Gulf Prairie Road in Jones Creek. The Texas Historical Markers in the photograph are, from left to right, Henry William Munson, Major James Peckham Caldwell, and Gulf Prairie Cemetery. The church is Gulf Prairie Presbyterian.

Marker Text

     HENRY WILLIAM MUNSON (January 15, 1793 - October 6, 1833) Heroic early Texas soldier. Fought in Battle of the Medina, near San Antonio, 1813. Returned East afterward, but moved to Texas as a colonist in 1824. Fought on behalf of Mexico to quell Fredonian Rebellion, 1827; but against Santa Anna's agents in 1832 Battle of Velasco. Munson married Ann Pearce. In their family of 8 children was a son, Mordello, named for the Mexican officer who saved life of H. W. Munson at the Medina. Recorded - 1970

     MAJOR JAMES PECKHAM CALDWELL (January 6, 1793 - November 16, 1856) Adjutant of the Texas army in Battle of Velasco, June 26, 1832. Wounded there, he was guarding civilians at time Texas won independence in Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. A bosom friend of Stephen F. Austin, Caldwell received land grant from Mexico in 1824. In 1830s he had a sugar mill, said to be the first on the Brazos. He married Ann Munson, widow of his friend H. W. Munson. They had a son and a daughter. Recorded - 1970

     GULF PRAIRIE CEMETERY. Pioneer cemetery. Originally part of Peach Point Plantation. Used by descendants of James Franklin Perry and wife, Emily Austin Bryan Perry, Stephen F. Austin's sister, and by the community since 1829. In 1836, Austin, the "Father of Texas," was buried here. His remains were reinterred in the state cemetery in the city of Austin in 1910. (1967)