Underwood Plot, Old Columbia Cemetery, 13 May 2003
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     Old Columbia Cemetery is located at Jackson and 16th Street.

Marker Text

     OLD COLUMBIA CEMETERY. Site given by Josiah H. Bell family — out of their grant, the first deeded to one of "Old 300" in colony of Stephen F. Austin. Has graves of many heroes of Texas Revolution of 1836. Deeded in 1852 to Bethel Presbyterian Church; since 1933 managed by Columbia Cemetery Association.

     AMMON UNDERWOOD(February 13, 1810 — November 17, 1887) Born in Massachusetts; came to Texas, 1834. As a young man, held odd jobs, survived 2 shipwrecks, and explored Texas countryside. Fought in 1835 Siege of Bexar, Texas Revolution. Then settled here. Married Rachel Carson, 1839, by whom he had 4 children. Ran a thriving mercantile firm for 50 years, but lost a fortune in cotton during Civil War. Anson Jones, President of Texas, 1844-46, was a close friend. Served in the State Legislature in 1884. Recorded — 1970