Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
     "The first Catholic Parish on the Gulf coast was established at Mobile in 1703, one year after the founding of Mobile. In 1704, Father Henri Roulleaux De la Vente was canonically installed as the first pastor of the Church of Fort Louis de la Louisiane (Mobile). When the City of Mobile was relocated to its present site in 1711, the Parish Church was rebuilt on the West side of Royal street just North of Conti Street, under the patronage of Our Lady of Mobile. It was in 1781, in Mobile’s Spanish period, that the parish received its present title 'Church of the Immaculate Conception.'"

     "When bishop Michael Portier became the First Bishop of Mobile in 1829, he set out to build a Cathedral befitting the name. Under the architectural skills of Claude Beroujon, the cornerstone for the new Cathedral was laid in 1835. After fifteen hectic years of starting and stopping construction, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was consecrated by Bishop Portier on Sunday, December 8, 1850."

     "The Cathedral suffered fire and has undergone modifications in the ensuing years, but it still remains the edified edifice envisioned by Bishop Portier."

     "The Cathedral is the official church of the Archdiocese of Mobile. The word “cathedral” comes from the Latin word “cathedra” which means throne. The Archbishop’s throne or chair, is located in the sanctuary and symbolizes his governing as well as his teaching role."


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