Location of Rhineland, Palatinate
     Ibersheim (Yberscheim, Uebersheim), was a village in Rheinhessen, (Germany), near the Rhine, about eight miles north of Worms, formerly called Ibersheimer Hof. On a map of 1752 it is designated as "Wiedertaufhof." (In 2005 Ibersheim was part of the city of Worms.)

     The time of the coming of the first Anabaptists cannot be ascertained; they stemmed from the region of Bern, Switzerland, and probably came after the Thirty Years' War, likely in the 1650s. The land had been devastated and depopulated by the war. The great electoral estates in and around Ibersheim had been abandoned. The immigrant Mennonites were welcomed as capable farmers to reclaim this land.


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