Judith Peirce1,2

d. before 2 October 1650
Judith Peirce|d. b 2 Oct 1650|p1422.htm|John Pers|b. c 1588\nd. 19 Aug 1661|p11126.htm|Elizabeth (—?—) (Pers)|b. c 1588\nd. 12 Mar 1666/67|p11127.htm|||||||||||||

6th great-grandaunt of Louise Underwood.
8th great-grandaunt of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Underwood and Allied Families
     Judith Peirce was born in England.1 She was the daughter of John Pers and Elizabeth (—?—) (Pers).1 She of Woburn married Francis Wyman, son of Francis Wyman and Elizabeth Richardson, on 30 January 1644/45.3,1 She died s.p. before 2 October 1650.1
     Judith Peirce immigrated to America in 1637 with her parents, John and Elizabeth (—?—) (Pers). The family came to New England in either the John and Dorethey of Norwich, or the Rose of Yarmouth. Mr. William Andrews, Sen., was master of the former, and his son of the latter vessel.4


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