Abel Read1

b. 1 November 1782
Abel Read|b. 1 Nov 1782|p575.htm|Abel Read|b. 2 Mar 1757\nd. 1808|p570.htm|Rebecca Farrar|b. 1 May 1757|p521.htm|Benjamin Read|||Abigail Fassett|||Joseph Farrar|b. 10 Oct 1716\nd. 20 Apr 1797|p513.htm|Deborah Richardson|b. 1 Jun 1727\nd. 31 June 1808|p514.htm|

1st cousin 3 times removed of Louise Underwood.
1st cousin 5 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Underwood and Allied Families
     Abel Read was born on 1 November 1782 in Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Abel Read and Rebecca Farrar.1


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