Victor Darren Morehead1

b. 26 December 1962, d. 21 May 1995
Victor Darren Morehead|b. 26 Dec 1962\nd. 21 May 1995|p6660.htm|Middleton Dunn Morehead III|b. 15 May 1944|p6658.htm|Nedra Catherine Stasny|b. 24 Sep 1944|p6651.htm|||||||Victor W. Stasny|b. 10 Nov 1919\nd. 4 Apr 1989|p2871.htm|Mary E. Murray|b. 11 Jul 1921\nd. 26 Jul 2002|p2870.htm|

1st cousin 4 times removed of George Poindexter Munson Sr.
3rd cousin 2 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Munson and Allied Families
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Darren Morehead
     Victor Darren Morehead was born on 26 December 1962 in Brazoria County, Texas.1,2 He was the son of Middleton Dunn Morehead III and Nedra Catherine Stasny.1 He married Penny L. Gerdes on 6 July 1991 in Brazoria County.3 He and Penny were divorced on 21 April 1993 in Brazoria County.4 He died on 21 May 1995 at age 32 in Galveston County, Texas, following a fall from his camphouse roof on the Murray Ranch that broke his neck.5,2 He was buried in Munson Cemetery, Bailey's Prairie, Brazoria County, Texas.2 Click to view image

Child of Victor Darren Morehead and Penny L. Gerdes


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