Thomas Williams1

d. after 4 May 1682
Thomas Williams|d. a 4 May 1682|p8305.htm|NN Williams||p8306.htm||||||||||||||||

7th great-grandfather of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
9th great-grandfather of Laura Jane Munson.
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     Thomas Williams was of Winter Harbor, Maine.2 He was the son of NN Williams. He died after 4 May 1682.1
     Thomas Williams was prominent until age and poverty came to him.2 He was assistant or Councillor under the Ligonia government; Selectman by 1653 and often; Commissioner for Saco 1655, 1656, 1664, 1665; town treasurer 1656; constable 1657; often appraiser, administrator or bondsman.3 At court held at his house 9 February 1636/37, Mr. Thomas Lewis was to appear in connection with the combination, probably leading up to his words of defamation against Mr. Lewis for which he was bound a month later.2 In 1642, Vines granted him 120 acres at Winter Harbor adjacent to Robert Sankey, evidently already in his possession as he and Sankey had a suit against Ferdinando Grant in 1640.4 He was freed from debts of his brother Richard Williams in 1645 and given a full discharge by the Craddock estate in 1653.3 He, an inhabitant of Saco, was made Freeman by submitting to the government of Massachusetts on 5 July 1653 at Wells.5 He was living on 29 June 1674.3 He was freed from rates during his or wife's life on 29 June 1674.3 He was at Newichawannock in October 1680 with granddaughter Lydia Plaisted.3 He was of Saco River when he deeded all his estate to his "grandson in law," Phineas Hull and "his now wife Jerusha" for support, on 17 December 1681. He was last seen when he acknowledged this at York 4 May 1682.3,6

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