Alice Emery1

b. say 1622
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7th great-grandmother of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
9th great-grandmother of Laura Jane Munson.
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     Alice Emery was born say 1622.1 She was the daughter of John Emery Sr. and Alice Grantham.1 She married John Chater by 1644 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, (eldest known child b. Newbury 7 August 1644).2
Additional Data
Alice Emerye was named in her grandfather Walter Grantham's will proved on 5 February 1622/23: "bequeathed to Alice Emerye my grandchild six shillings eight pence and if she die to be paid unto her mother at the death of her grandmother."1

Transcript of the court proceedings regarding Alice Chater and Daniel Gunn from Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County:
     Examination of Daniell Gun, taken Dec. 5, 1653: He was servant to John Chater who was weak and lying in bed, and about eighteen months since, his dame Alice, the wife of said Chater, came to his bedside and brought his victuals, etc., and said if her husband died he should be her husband. He criminally assaulted her, etc. Sworn in Ipswich court, Dec. 5, 1653.
     Alice, the wife of John Chater, was also examined and she confessed that she said she would marry Gun if her husband should die. Sworn in Ipswich court, Dec. 5, 1653, before Robert Lord, clerk.
     William Holdred and his wife Isebell testified that about the last of November they were at the house of John Chater of Newbery, by the fireside with said Chater's wife, she having formerly said that she knew something of Daniell Gun. Whereupon the deponents asked her what it was, as they wished to acquaint her husband who then lay in the same room sick in bed. Then Alice, John Chater's wife, went to her husband and confessed to him in an audible voice that when she carried beer or victuals to said Gun, who was sick or lame in bed, he assaulted her. Sworn in Ipswich court, Dec. 5, 1653. Copy of Ipswich court records of Feb. 9, 1653, attested by Robert Lord, [autograph] clerk.3

Children of Alice Emery and John Chater


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