State of Texas,
County of Brazoria.

     In the name of God amen. I Louisa B. Underwood of the County of Brazoria, and State of Texas, being in good bodily health, and of sound mind, calling to mind the fraility and uncertainty of life, and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs, and directing how the Estate, with which it has pleased God to bless me, shall be disposed of, after my decease, while I have strength and capacity so to do, do make and publish this my last will, hereby revoking all other wills by me heretofore made

     I direct that all my just debts, and funeral charges, by Executor, herein after named, be paid, out of my Estate, as soon after my dec[e]ase as shall by him be found convenient.

     I give and bequeath to my beloved husband J.P. Underwood all my property of every nature, both real and personal, making my said husband J.P. Underwood my sole heir, and executor, but in the event of the death of my said husband JP Underwood, prior to my demise, I hereby bequeath and give all my property of every nature both real and personal, share and share alike, equally, to my Four children Namely, Kate Underwood, Laura Underwood, John Hanks Underwood, and Louisa Underwood.

     Should my husband J.P. Underwood be dead, at the time of my demise, I hereby appoint, and nominate my son John Hanks Underwood, as my executor, to carry out the interests and purposes of this my will, provided he has reached the age of Twenty one years, at the time of my death_ but should he be a minor and therefore disqualified to act as executor at time of my demise, I then, in that event constitute and appoint J.W. Riddell, as my executor, to carry out the interests and purposes of this will, but no person shall be an executor or heir of my Estate so long as my husband JP Underwood be living. He, during his life time, being hereby constituted My sole executor and heir

     It is my will that no other action shall be had in the county court, or any court having jurisdiction of Estates and wills, in the administration of my Estate, than to prove and record this will, and to return an inventory and appraisement of my Estate and list of claims, and I authorize, and em power my said executor heretofore named, to make a just distribution and division of my property among my four children, as here in before mentioned, as soon as the same can be justly and fairly done with out detriment to said Estate, in the event the said children inherit the property under the provisions of this will

     I here by direct that no bond shall be required of my executor for the performance of the trust imposed in this will.

          Done this the 26th day of February 1891
               Louisa B. Underwood [signature]

     W.H. Diggs
     CF Curson