Melvin B. Foit1

b. 14 February 1871, d. 14 April 1871
Melvin B. Foit|b. 14 Feb 1871\nd. 14 Apr 1871|p10610.htm|Johann Foit|b. 18 Dec 1822\nd. 1903|p10595.htm|Mary M. Smith|d. 29 Aug 1882|p10599.htm|Georg F. Foit|b. c 1789\nd. 1841|p10593.htm|Maria K. Horlacher|b. c 1791\nd. 1844|p10594.htm|||||||

1st cousin 2 times removed of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
1st cousin 4 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Fairfield and Allied Families
     Melvin B. Foit was born on 14 February 1871 in Hardin County, Ohio.1 He was the son of Johann Foit and Mary M. Smith.1 He died on 14 April 1871 in Hardin County, Ohio, at age 2 months.1


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