William Clement Perkins1

b. 18 September 1873, d. 10 February 1874
William Clement Perkins|b. 18 Sep 1873\nd. 10 Feb 1874|p11605.htm|Governor George Clement Perkins|b. 23 Aug 1839\nd. 26 Feb 1923|p7414.htm|Ruth Amelia Parker|b. Aug 1840\nd. 4 Feb 1921|p7443.htm|Clement T. Perkins|b. 23 Mar 1807\nd. 4 Mar 1884|p7413.htm|Lucinda Fairfield|b. 20 Nov 1802\nd. 31 Dec 1887|p7386.htm|||||||

2nd cousin 1 time removed of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
2nd cousin 3 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Fairfield and Allied Families
     William Clement Perkins was born on 18 September 1873 in Oroville, Butte County, California.1 He was the son of Governor George Clement Perkins and Ruth Amelia Parker.1 He was christened on 8 February 1874.1 He died on 10 February 1874 in Oroville.1


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