Mary Hanks1

b. 1773, d. circa 1820
Mary Hanks|b. 1773\nd. c 1820|p1787.htm|Joseph Hanks|b. 20 Dec 1725\nd. b 14 May 1793|p1771.htm|Ann "Nanny" Lee|b. c 1736\nd. a 14 May 1793|p1772.htm|John Hanks|b. 2 Nov 1681\nd. c 1740|p1763.htm|Catherine (—?—) (Hanks)|d. circa 1778/79|p1764.htm|William Lee||||||

2nd cousin 4 times removed of Louise Underwood.
2nd cousin 6 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Underwood and Allied Families
     Mary Hanks was born in 1773.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Hanks and Ann "Nanny" Lee.1 She married Jesse Friend on 10 December 1795.1 She died circa 1820.1


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