Helen Kennedy1

b. 23 March 1890, d. 7 September 1894
Helen Kennedy|b. 23 Mar 1890\nd. 7 Sep 1894|p2898.htm|Walter Kennedy|b. 22 Nov 1842\nd. 28 Nov 1926|p1281.htm|Sarah Kimbrough Munson|b. 9 Jun 1857\nd. 13 Aug 1913|p116.htm|William Kennedy II|b. 1800\nd. 1869|p2903.htm|Mary Haile|b. 1812\nd. 1894|p2904.htm|Mordello S. Munson|b. 25 Apr 1825\nd. 13 Oct 1903|p113.htm|Sarah K. Armour|b. 3 Sep 1831\nd. 31 Jan 1887|p114.htm|

1st cousin 1 time removed of George Poindexter Munson Sr.
2nd cousin 1 time removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Munson and Allied Families
     Helen Kennedy was born on 23 March 1890 at Waverly Plantation, near Chenango, Brazoria County, Texas.1 She was the daughter of Walter Kennedy and Sarah Kimbrough Munson.1 She died on 7 September 1894 at age 4.1 She was buried at Bryan Beach, Brazoria County, Texas.2


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