Alvin Fairfield Raines1

b. 16 August 1903, d. 25 August 1903
Alvin Fairfield Raines|b. 16 Aug 1903\nd. 25 Aug 1903|p7537.htm|Alvin J. Raines|||Ida Belle Fairfield|b. 17 Nov 1880\nd. 28 Aug 1903|p7533.htm|||||||Cyrus K. Fairfield|b. 27 Dec 1834|p7529.htm|Isabella A. Briant|b. c 1842|p7532.htm|

2nd cousin of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
2nd cousin 2 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Fairfield and Allied Families
     Alvin Fairfield Raines was born Sunday morning, 16 August 1903.1 He was the son of Alvin J. Raines and Ida Belle Fairfield.1 He died of spasms on 25 August 1903 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, at age 9 days.1
     Alvin Fairfield Raines's obituary appeared in the Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel on 26 August 1903 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.2 Click to view image


  1. [S723] Fairfield, Holy Bible, This bible was given to Ruth Anna (Horn) Munson by Anna Miriam (Fairfield) Pevoto. It was lost when the Munson home burned in 1972. However, the family information contained therein was carefully copied by Laura (Munson) Cooper some years prior to that time. The handwriting was imitated and the formatting preserved in the copy, and it is still in the possession of the writer. Unfortunately, the publication data was not understood at the time the copy was made to be important, so that is lost forever. Hereinafter cited as Fairfield Bible.
  2. [S1128] Raines, Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 26 August 1903.