Bethiah Rootes1

b. between 1639 and 1643
Bethiah Rootes|b. bt 1639 - 1643|p9075.htm|Josiah Rootes|b. bt 1613 - 1618\nd. 3 Jun 1683|p9083.htm|Susanna (—?—) (Rootes)|b. s 1625\nd. a 1692|p9084.htm|||||||||||||

6th great-grandmother of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
8th great-grandmother of Laura Jane Munson.
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     Bethiah Rootes was born between 1639 and 1643 (deposed 24 June 1678, aged 39;3 testified in Salem Court, aged forty, on 18 October 1683).4 She was the daughter of Josiah Rootes and Susanna (—?—) (Rootes).2 She was baptized 24: 7m: 1648 (25 September 1648) in First Church, Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.5 She married John Lovett, son of John Lovett and Mary Grant.
Additional Data
Joseph Harris appealled a 1669 verdict in favor of "Josiah Roote," who Harris had accused of stealing a calf. Harris appealled the judgement, and in March 1670, the former judgement was confirmed by the Ipswich Quarterly Court. Several of the depositions, all sworn to on 24 November 1669, are of particular interest:
Susanah Haskin, wife of Roger Hoskin, aged about twenty-two years, testified that she had helped to put this heifer into the house for her father Josiah Roote and she heard this heifer bleat down at Joseph Harris' house, etc.

John Lovet, jr., aged about thirty-two years, deposed about the marks, and that he helped his father Roote put the heifers over to Rialle side, etc.

Goody Lovet, wife of John Lovet, deposed that her father Josiah Roote, etc.6
[Salem Quarterly Court, 24 June 1678] Bethiah, wife of John Lovet, jr., aged about thirty-nine years, deposed that she saw Larance leach take a bag of wheat meal away from the house of William Hoar, etc. Sworn in court.3

Bethiah Rootes was mentioned in her father Josiah Rootes's will dated 15 May 1683 in Beverly. She was left a legacy of ten shillings to be paid after the death of her mother.7

Bethiah Lovet and John Lovet, his wife, each aged forty years, testified in Salem Quarterly Court in November 1683.4

Children of Bethiah Rootes and John Lovett


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