Tryphena (—?—) (Geare)1

b. say 1602, d. after May 1674

7th great-grandmother of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
9th great-grandmother of Laura Jane Munson.
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Fairfield and Allied Families
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Pedigree for Ruth Minerva Fairfield
     Tryphena was born say 1602 (deposed "aged about seventy-two years" in May 1674).2 She married William Geare. She died after May 1674 deposed in or for court in May 1674.1
Additional Data
[May Term 1674, Ipswich Quarterly Court] "Tripheanie (her mark) Geare, aged about seventy-two years, deposed that she living in the house with [son-in-law] Daniell Killam last winter, noticed the abuse he received from [Walter] Fairefild. His throat was swollen about his windpipe about the bigness of a child's fist of three or four years of age and the skin scratched off. There was an impression on one side of his breast as if one of his ribs were cracked and buckled in, if not broken, and he raised blood for some time after, continuing ill about a month. He was unable to do any hard labor and constantly complained when he ate that his meat would not go down."2

An interesting entry in the Essex Quarterly Court records is the 1676 deposition of Mary Dennis regarding the verbal will of her "aunt Charles" who was Sarah, the widow of William Charles of Marblehead who died about 1672/73. The widow Charles told Mary Dennis that "after her death she did give unto her sister Tryphena Geer, her gowne & cloake, & to Tryphena Fairfeild her daughter her red kersey petticoat and wescoat, & the litle iron ketle and to John Fairfeild her husbands wt wascoate & ye Frying pan, & to Sarah Fairfeild, a flannel petticoat..." (What to make of this, I'm not quite sure).3

Children of Tryphena (—?—) (Geare) and William Geare


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