John Burbank1

b. circa 1600

7th great-grandfather of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
9th great-grandfather of Laura Jane Munson.
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     John Burbank was born circa 1600 in England.2 He married first Ann (—?—).2 He married second Jemima.2 His will was proven on 10 April 1683.2
     John Burbank, immigrant, settled in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, where he was made freeman 13 May 1640, and was recorded the same year a proprietor of the town. He held various offices, and was chosen as one of the overseers for Rowley for 1661-1662 at the general town meeting held the 7 day 10 month 1661.2

     Rev. Ezekiel Rogers arrived in New England in 1638 with many of his followers from Yorkshire, and they spent the winter of 1638/39 in Boston. This company was granted a township on 13 March 1638/39, and, on 4 September 1639, the court ordered that "Mr. Ezechi[el] Rogers plantation shall be called Rowley."

     The people of Rowley, it appears, labored together and in common, for nearly five years before any land was alloted.
The survey of the towne of Rowley, taken the tenth of the eleaventh Anno Dni 1643, by Mr. Thomas Nelson, Mr. Edward Carleton, Humphrey Reyner, Francis Parrot, appointed for that purpose by the fremen of the said towne, who also are to regester the severall lotts of all the inhabitants granted and laid out, and to leave thereof a coppy with the Recorder or the Sheire, according to the order of the General Court.
     There is no evidence that John Burbank was among the Rogers immigrants consisting of eighteen or nineteen families, though "Goodman Burbank" was with the Rogers Company when they settled at Rowley, the number by then having increased to about sixty families. When the land was surveyed in 1643, each freeman or family was granted at least 1½ acres. Those who had contributed to the 800 pounds Rogers paid for his plantation were alloted more. Burbank had not contributed to that fund, as his grant on Bradford Street, was for the minimum:3
To John Burbank, one lott containinge an acree and an halfe, bounded on the south side by Thomas Sumner's house lott, part of it lyinge on the west side, and part of it on the east side of the streete.4
     John Burbank made his will on 5 April 1681 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, in which he mentions his wife Jemima and children Caleb, John and Lydia. Interestingly, John Burbank, the immigrant, signed his will with a mark, but his son John Jr. could write his name. As a general rule, immigrants could write, while many of the second and third generation could not.5 Click to view image

Children of John Burbank and Ann (—?—)

Children of John Burbank and Jemima (—?—) (Burbank)


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