Richard Austin1

b. circa 1632, d. 15 August 1703
Richard Austin|b. c 1632\nd. 15 Aug 1703|p9789.htm|Richard Austin|b. c 1598\nd. 1638|p9784.htm|Elizabeth (—?—)|||Richard Austin|b. s 1566\nd. b 15 Feb 1622/23|p9778.htm|Annis (—?—) (Austin)||p9779.htm|||||||

1st cousin 8 times removed of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
1st cousin 10 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Fairfield and Allied Families
     Richard Austin was born circa 1632 in Bishopstock, Hampshire, England.2 He was the son of Richard Austin and Elizabeth (—?—).1 He married Abigail Bachelder on 11 November 1659 in Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1 He died on 15 August 1703 in Charlestown at age 71.1 He was buried in Phills Streen Cemetery, Charlestown.1


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