Ann Putnam1

b. 25 August 1645, d. 14 November 1676
Ann Putnam|b. 25 Aug 1645\nd. 14 Nov 1676|p9910.htm|Lieutenant Thomas Putnam|b. 7 Mar 1614/15\nd. 5 May 1686|p1450.htm|Ann Holyoke|d. 1 Sep 1665|p1451.htm|John Putnam|b. 17 Jan 1579/80\nd. 30 Dec 1662|p9900.htm|Priscilla (—?—) (Putnam)||p9901.htm|Edward Holyoke|||Prudence Stockton|||

1st cousin 8 times removed of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
1st cousin 10 times removed of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Fairfield and Allied Families
     Ann Putnam was born 25: 6 mo: 1645 (25 August 1645) in Salem Village, Essex County, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Lieutenant Thomas Putnam and Ann Holyoke.1 She married William Trask, son of Captain William Trask and Sarah (—?—), on 18 January 1666/67 in Salem Village, Essex County, Massachusetts.1 She died 14: 9 mo: 1676 (14 November 1676) at age 31.3


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