Josiah King1

b. 12 January 1769
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2nd great-grandfather of Ruth Minerva Fairfield.
4th great-grandfather of Laura Jane Munson.
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Fairfield and Allied Families
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Pedigree for Ruth Minerva Fairfield
     Josiah King was born on 12 January 1769.1 He was the son of David King and Elizabeth Gray.1 He was baptized on 23 April 1769 in First Congregational Church, Biddeford, York County, Maine, by Rev. Moses Morrill.2,3 He married first Mary Woodsum, daughter of Michael Woodsum and Elizabeth Dyer, on 18 February 1790.4,5 He married second Jane Gilpatrick in 1842.6
Additional Data
Josiah sold land on 8 February 1795 in Colebrook, Grafton County, New Hampshire,: Josiah King of Colbrook [Colebrook], Grafton Co. [now Coos], N.H., yeoman, to John Hays; mentions his [Josiah's] mother, Elizabeth King and her father John Gray, late of Biddeford, decd." John Hayes was Josiah's son-in-law.7

Child of Josiah King and Mary Woodsum


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