Daniel Bell Giesecke

b. 16 August 1885, d. 15 June 1957
Family Background:
Munson and Allied Families
     Daniel Bell Giesecke was born on 16 August 1885 in Brazoria County, Texas.1 He married Mary Haile Kennedy, daughter of Walter Kennedy and Sarah Kimbrough Munson, in 1913 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.2 He died on 15 June 1957 in Angleton, Brazoria County, Texas, at age 71.1 He was buried in Angleton Cemetery. Click to view image
     Bell grew up in Angleton. After he and Mary married, they lived with his parents and Bell helped run Giesecke's Department Store which he would later inherit. In 1920, Bell and Mary built a home in Angleton in which they lived the remainder of their lives.

     Writer's note: Cousins Mary and Bell believed in "going first class." I loved to ride in their big Packard with the little seats that popped up between the front and back seats that were just my size. In 1950, Cousin Hattie Kennedy and I accompanied them on a trip to California to visit their only child Kennedy and his family. Cousin Hattie and I shared a roomette on the train, but Cousins Mary and Bell had a luxury suite that was simply amazing to behold. The Gieseckes made the same trip year after year, and as the story goes, Cousin Bell always made reservations on a train that would cross New Mexico in the middle of the night. The reason was that New Mexico was dry, and by law the Club Car was closed as long as the train was crossing the state. Cousin Bell loved his beer. On the other hand, I never once saw Cousin Mary drink, and I'm quite sure she disapproved. Cuz (George Kennedy) often told a story about Cousin Bell and his dog, an Irish Setter named Rusty that I remember well. Everyday, Rusty waited outside Giesecke's Department Store during business hours, until, at the same time every afternoon, he would wander off. Cousin Bell would leave work saying to Cousin Mary that he had to find Rusty, and everyday, Rusty was waiting for his master at the local beer joint. After a beer or two, Bell and Rusty returned to the store to finish out the work day. Cousin Bell played the violin, and I remember he and some other men getting together and playing their instruments in the back room of the store. He died very suddenly in 1957 of a blood clot in his leg that broke loose. Cousin Mary lived many more years and remained active until near the end. She was a wonderfully sweet person who never tired of talking about the family, and I never tired of listening to her.3

Additional Data
Bell D. and Mary Giesecke appeared on the 1 January 1920 Federal Census of Angleton, Brazoria County, Texas, enumerated 16 January 1920. Their son Walter K. was listed as living with them.4 Click to view image

Bell and Mary Giesecke appeared on the 1 April 1930 Federal Census of Angleton, Brazoria County, Texas, enumerated 8 April 1930. Their son Kennedy was listed as living with them.5 Click to view image

Child of Daniel Bell Giesecke and Mary Haile Kennedy


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