Windmill Ranch, the Bailey's Prairie Home of the George and Louise Munson Family:

George Poindexter Munson Sr.

Louise (Underwood) Munson

George Poindexter 'Bubber' Munson Jr.

Catherine 'Bigo' Munson

Joseph Underwood 'Joe' Munson

Laura Louise 'Chichi' Munson

John Hanks 'Johnnie' Munson

Robert Milam 'Bobby' Munson

Virginia Morris 'Ginger' Munson

Windmill Ranch
Picture ID: 185
Picture Date: 9 Apr 1939
Location: Bailey's Prairie, Brazoria County, Texas
Picture Description: The George and Louise (Underwood) Munson home on Bailey's Prairie; original from the John H. Munson Sr. collection held by the writer (Laura M. Cooper, Arlington, TX)
Entered into Album: 7/15/2003

Compiler: Laura M. Cooper, Arlington, Texas
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