Benjamin Whitacre1

b. 1750, d. 1812
Benjamin Whitacre|b. 1750\nd. 1812|p10837.htm|John Whitacre|b. 14 May 1704\nd. bt 1768 - 1775|p10831.htm|Naomi Hulme|b. c 1713\nd. 1789|p10832.htm|John Whitacre|b. 24 Nov 1678\nd. 1737|p10853.htm|Jane Bond|b. 21 Jun 1664\nd. 1707|p10854.htm|George Hulme Jr.|b. 16 Jan 1683/84\nd. 1729|p10880.htm|Ruth Palmer|b. 18 Sep 1693\nd. a 1759|p10881.htm|

3rd great-granduncle of William Lemuel Horn Jr.
5th great-granduncle of Laura Jane Munson.
Family Background:
Horn and Allied Families
     Benjamin Whitacre was born in 1750 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.1 He was the son of John Whitacre and Naomi Hulme.1 He married Alice Gore in 1780 in Loudoun County, Virginia.1 He died in 1812 in Loudoun County.1
Additional Data
On 31 10m 1761 (31 October 1761), Benjamin Whitacre, with his parents John and Naomi Whitacre, and brothers George, Joseph, Joshua, Caleb and Robert, were received at Fairfax Monthly Meeting, Loudoun County, Virginia, on certificate from Kingwood Monthly Meeting, New Jersey, dated 13 8m 1761 (13 August 1761).2

Benjamin and Caleb Whitacre were involved in a fight that Caleb acknowledged and for which Benjamin was disowned 30 9m 1775 (30 September 1775) by Loudoun County, Virginia.2

It was reported to Fairfax Monthly Meeting on 24 2m 1776 (24 February 1776) that Benjamin Whitacre and Caleb Whitacre are "still making addresses to young women not of our Society, with the object of marriage." Caleb's acknowledgement was accepted, as he had apparently since married within the faith, but Benjamin was disowned 27 4m 1776 (27 April 1776). His acknowledgement was accepted and he was restored 28 4m 1781. He had, in the meantime married Alice, a non-member, who was received in membership on request 23 6m 1782 (23 June 1782).2

Benjamin Whitacre was disowned for fighting 27 4m 1776 (27 April 1776) by Loudoun County, Virginia.2


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